About Us


BUMbagR is a Romania based fashion label designing womenswear, menswear and accessory collections featuring bold colours and graphic prints. Inspired from the streetwear fashion, bumbagr wants to reinvent the concept of urban mobility, for people who live, work and play in the city (for people like you). Fashion designer Ramona Manea , 29, is the creative mastermind behind brand concept. Founding the brand while still a student  in 2010, Ramona had the idea of reinventing the bumbag and the first steps were made in the  National University of Arts Bucharest studios. A huge successful web shop and many collaborations with stores in the country, have grown the company without any outside investments.

Inspired from the streetwear fashion, she accomplished to give a new urban look and now bumbagr.com features an almost endless variety of models and designs, using a broad spectrum of color combinations and original patterns. BUMbagR is creating pieces with simple lines , perfect details and adopting the fresh look of the 80’s. The colors are always vivid and bolted,  giving you a young and happy lifestyle.
In addition to seasonal collections, Ramona has steered BUMbagR to work on special collaboration projects with some of her favourite design and graphic artists. Developing new ideas and promoting art in everyday objects is one of the brands goals.